Makeup Applications & Lessons
Have a special event coming up or just in the mood to get all dolled up?  C.A.T. has a team of experienced makeup artists who can help you achieve the perfect look!
Makeup applications include:
Face Application
  • foundation
  • powder
  • bronzer
  • blush
  • highlighter
  • 3-5 eye shadows
  • eyeliner
  • mascara 
  • lipstick
  • lip gloss
* Makeup applications are $75 per person.
C.A.T. also offers hour long makeup lessons. Whether you're just beginning to experience with makeup or want to learn the latest tricks and tips, C.A.T. offers lessons on the many different ways on how to apply makeup. Makeup lessons are offered by experienced makeup artists.
Lessons consist of:
  • How to apply foundation, powder, bronzer, blush & highlighter
  • Tips on how to properly apply liquid foundation, which brushes to use, and how to match your skin to the right shade
  • How to apply eye shadow using base, light, and dark shades
  • Learn which shades go best with each eye color
  • Learn how to enhance eyes with eyeliner and how to properly apply liquid liner
  • Tips on how to apply mascara
  • Learn how to wear lipstick and lip gloss together, when to wear lipstick vs. lip gloss and how to apply lip liner
* Makeup lessons are $100 for an hour or free with a product purchase of $125.
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